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Studio & Art

Live. Love. Create.

Whether you want to decorate your own home or are looking to purchase a gift for a loved one, I am here to help you design an art piece you’ll adore! I work closely with my clients to insure the best result possible! My goal is to bring your ideas to life.

IMG_6724 2.HEIC

Where It All Started

I started creating art as a small hobby at first. Later on, my husband said “this is really good honey, why don’t you try selling some of your work?” To be honest, I was not confident in my work at first. However, after making a few social media posts of my work, I started receiving messages from people who wanted me to create art for them! The best feeling was realizing that I can bring someone’s vision to life.  

Now I specialize in creating custom, functional, and canvas art work. One of my favorite surfaces to work with is wood! There is something about nature's beauty that brings uniqueness to the art.  

My Art

What I Offer

Charcuterie & Cutting Boards 

Make your cooking and hosting experience more exciting with these beautiful boards. They can be a great addition to your kitchen! I’ve got many options that may suit your personal taste. 


Table Tops

Whether you want to get a coffee table, side table or a dinning room table I’d be more than happy to bring your bright idea to life! During the process of your commission I will make sure to stay in touch and send updates on the piece. 


Wall Art

Looking for a perfect finish to your interior design? I can help you create a perfect art piece that will complete the ambiance of your home. A touch of art on the wall can transform and bring all the details in the room together.  Whether you are looking for abstract art or a painting of your favorite pet, I’d love to help you complete a finished look of your space.


Customizable Coasters 

and many more...


Pablo Picasso

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working”

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